Friday, May 7, 2010


First of all, I would like to thank ALL of you for your support and love of our artful expression. There is NOTHING more gratifying as an artist than having your thoughts, ideas, and passion for music appreciated. And that is why I felt it necessary to address your concerns.

I will first address the shipping and handling cost. I know that the majority of the lovers of our music are outside of this country. Now with that being said, as you all may know this is not the first time we have shipped overseas. We have paid for shipping anywhere from $15 to $41. These costs, that fluctuate, are based on size, weight, and shipping location. Being that we know the size of each box, the primary pricing point is the weight and shipping location. So obviously when the quantity of records increase so does the weight. With the increase in weight comes the increase in cost. Then there is the location. And of course it costs more to send a pound or two across the pond to your country as opposed to across this country. And that cost is anywhere between $15 and $41 dollars. Now one of the concerned mentioned that if you ordered 100 records the $20 does not change. And you are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. It would not change for you but it will DRASTICALLY change for us. Because most wax lovers grab two records the $20 is based on the weight of two records. I haven't the faintest idea how many records each and everyone of you are going to order or where we will be shipping them to. And rather than try to figure all of that out we decided that $20 would be a fair flat rate. I also must mention that packaging cost as well. We do not search the trash for boxes hoping to find some that records can fit in. The sizes vary and then costs vary again. We buy boxes to ship them in; in bulk almost a dollar a box. And there is also the paypal service charge which varies based on amount. With all of these VARIABLES we felt that $20 would, again, be a fair flat rate.

I will now address the cost and amount pressed up. Regardless of what amount has been pressed ONLY 350 are being sold PERIOD. Only 350 are available to YOU. 150 are me and my partner's personal copies. Take that how you want it. But you all must understand, between me and my partner we own 3 copies of Physics / Rhyme Impotence. THAT'S IT!! And they ARE NOT for sale. And it has been that way since Unruly released that record. WE HAVE NOT MADE A DIME FROM THAT RECORD; AT ALL. It's the TRUTH! Not one penny. So when you see that record go for $1,000 or $600 or $300 or whatever it cost, it is not in financial support of us. Many of you have and I am not mad AT ALL at that. I said that to say that all we want to do is FOR ONCE control our own work. We have NO control over any of the Physics/Rhyme Impotence records out there. The digging community will ACTUALLY determine if EVER our 150 records will even hit the market. And it is not even 150! There are a few people that we owe favors. These are OUR records. 350 records are yours. This way we finally control our OWN expression. We only ask that you support us as you always have. We are not trying to pay mortgages or whatever you are saying. We are Sparrow The Movement. We are at the ground floor of a MOVEMENT. We want to be able to continue to do this. We are torchbearers of a music that a lot of us in this country (USA)have forgotten. This is a MOVEMENT and ALL we want to do is continue this and build on it. And all we need is your support. The only reason I felt a need to address your concerns because you will make it possible for me to continue making official HIP HOP MUSIC and in the future distribute others who create official HIP HOP music. Now if you can not afford it that is fine. We have all new music coming in the near future that will be priced differently.

It is not our intention to offend anyone and if you are offended I truly am sorry. Because of all of you Sparrow WILL continue to create good music and I pray you will continue to listen.


Fla Fla of SPARROW