Thursday, July 8, 2010


What's good everybody , in the next week or so SIX 2 SIX will be auctioning off a MASSIVE COLLECTION from a Nationally known radio (US) DJ from our backyard (BALTIMORE) .He simply wants to make room in his house (having kids) and wants to get rid of them immediately.Now just gauging whats in this collection is mind boggling .Let's put it this way , he along with his cousin (DJ ROCKIT) belonged to record pools and worked at two of the best record stores here in HARM CITY for crazy years, and from my own experiences from back in the day HE & ROCKIT had it all!! I mean test pressing's of complete LP's like BREAKING ATOMS from MAIN SOURCE , IMPORTS , PROMO'S , etc. ... He just dropped off a crate of a local variety that included PHYSIC'S from our boys SPARROW , THE ANNEXX CLIQUE whole series , really (RAER) .Also more of the (LAUNCHPAD) singles SIX 2 SIX were selling 'STREETS OF GOLD' + 'KEEP YOUR DAY JOB' + 'JEZEBEL' etc. Now, these records are completely unsealed and are in excellent condition and most of them are doubles ....DAMN!!!!! I will have more details soon , its gonna take us a minute to compile his collection .

Thanks for reading and i will keep you all posted , Set

A little info on DJ Squirrel Wyde

Music has always been a part of Squirrel Wyde’s life ever since he could remember. He got his first crash course as a DJ mixing it up at local nightspots and other clubs and started creating his own mix tapes. Squirrel stayed on his grind and always kept the belief that in due time, he would reap the rewards. From 6:00 - 10:00 pm, on 92Q FM, you can find him holding it down on “Off the Hook Radio” with his partner Pork Chop (Legendary Baltimore MC with a few classic 12" under his belt who once battled SUPREME) . Feeling like the “spokesman for the streets,” Squirrel Wyde fuses Rap, Reggae and R&B genres into something only true Hip Hop heads and lovers of great music can appreciate! Squirrel has earned his stripes in the streets, and definitely has taken over the radio air waves in B'more!!

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