Monday, October 18, 2010


I do not wanna give out too much info until a deal is finalized between all parties involved but super duper shouts to COOL V for the assist ... much appreciated!! Details TBA .. Brief update : Internet has been down for a minute .. Monday or Tuesday we will announce this exciting opportunity in helping DNA re-establish their name to the vinyl market .. look for the whole catalog !!!
Check this out ..
Four different sticker designs . one for our friends over in Germany featuring a throwback to the Deutsche Mark 1990 - 2002 / second is the Swiss Franc for our friends in Switzerland / third will be the British Pound for the peeps in GB!! and finally catch a glimpse of the American Dollar before it totally falls haha !!!Looks like it will be 6 LIMITED designs based on our fans .. For the rest of the world we have other surprises in store so stay tuned!! Complete details TBA hold tight !! Thanks

"The PAPER CHASE CONTINUES!!" yes indeed !! finally finished the last two ... France + Japan ..


verge said...

Niiiiice!! can't wait.

mytee DJ thor said...
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mytee DJ thor said...
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mytee DJ thor said...

stickers lookin great ... hope you'll have all stickers to share with each purchases... it's to hard to decide for the right

I am German, I prefer the US$, I like all the rest too!!

Hightower said...

*ha ha*..grab it all Mytee Thor.
Yes, I'm very curious about the project. Like the idea for the stickers, but it's really a hard decision which the Nippon version

top-notch-records said...

What a great idea with all those different stickers, can´t wait for the wax to drop !!!
Bibow (TNR)

kayn said...

maad props for this great project,
count me in!!
bring back deutsche mark!