Friday, November 19, 2010


Ok, with all the great people we have come in contact with across this globe via the internet , we still have not really found out where you shop for VINYL in your HOMETOWN.SIX2SIX wants to get our next releases everywhere imaginable, in your favorite format of course VINYL!!.With all the visitors passing through the SIX2SIX SHIFT we want to hear from you guys in AUSTRALIA ,SPAIN ,BELGIUM ,SWEDEN ,RUSSIA ,NETHERLANDS and CANADA the quiet ones. Everyone that comes through on a day to day basis we appreciate your feedback on this . Also the fans and listeners in the STATES are no exception to this as well , we want to hear from you too. Hit us up @ or post your comments right here on the blog. Thanks

Submerged Archived Lost Classics from MOBTOWN USA / with a sprinkle of CHOCOLATE CITY variety . This hour & half blend will silence the critics .. Inspired by Schenectadyfan from THE TROY BLOG with his tremendous effort tracking various sources and catalog of RELEASED + UNRELEASED MUSIC on , VINYL , and CASSETTES .


MOBTOWN USA 94 - 98 by SIX2SIX Records