Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Mediocre MC by Werner von Wallenrod

That's right ladies and gents!! we've been hijacked by the esteemed writer Werner von Wallenrod. SIX2SIX Guess Blogger

"People died so I can rhyme.
You think I'm gonna grab the mic and waste my nation's time?"
- Krs-1 "We In There"

This is Werner von Wallenrod guest blogging to ya over at The Six2Six Shift. And for my post here, I thought I'd do something a little out of step from what I'd ordinarily do on my own blog. See, Six2Six's a tight, indie label that specializes in releases of quality music by over-looked artists... the MCs that never quite got the shine their talent deserves. So, conversely, I figured over here, a whole other breed of rapper is getting ignored. I'm not talking about wack, sucker MCs, because god knows enough's already been said about them. I'm talking about the most prevalent of all: The Mediocre MC.

See, The Mediocre MC isn't wack. He can flow all right. He's got a couple CDs with some okay beats on them, and he never strays too far from the pure elements of hip-hop. You'll hear his songs on your mixtapes, you'll nod along. Your girlfriend will stay on the dance floor when he comes out to perform at a show and continue to have a good time. You've got a few of his 12" in your crates even if you don't remember exactly why you felt you had to have them when you saw it in the store at the time.

He's got an okay voice and his flow is cool. He has a clever line or two if you listen to his album all the way through. You like that song where he flowed over that guest producer's beat and the posse cuts he was featured on were cool. He ain't bad.

But he's not good either. Most of his songs are sort of general, freestyle... probably. Thinking back on it now, it's hard to remember what he talked about on his songs, but someday we totally intend to go back to his last couple records and really pay attention, when we have the time. Maybe when we're home sick from work for a week, that'd be a good time. Then we'll finally hear what it is all the great MCs, DJs and bloggers who keep putting him on are so excited about.

The Mediocre MC has a following, after all. He's very supportive of the region he's from and stays doggedly true to that area's sound. He's always got some harsh words for his "haters." He'll shout out the four elements of hip-hop, but doesn't usually have much else to say about breaking, writing or even DJing, probably because he doesn't know anyone who's into that stuff. He might do a political song, but it won't get much deeper than "don't let the government control your mind," "fight the corporations" or other generic platitudes. Great rappers' seem to burn bright and fall off hard, but The Mediocre MC just keeps on truckin'. And even though the music industry has changed, and 95% of rap fans illegally download their music for free, somehow he still stays in business.

It's almost 2011, the international economy is probably this close from a Mad Max situation. I don't know about you guys, but I don't have the resources to support The Mediocre MC anymore. Yeah, he's not bad... but there are vast oceans of great music out there in hip-hop's history; and as dark as times may appear, more is still being created and unearthed. It's time for us as fans to start knuckling down on what we actually spend our time listening to. Valuing what's current over what's great just for the sake of staying in the conversation and following the latest rap gossip? Life's too short!

And rappers? How about instead of recording mixtape after mixtape full of half-assed songs, why not focus on making three or four that are really, consistently worthwhile? Because you know, you might think you're bowling us over when you give interviews bragging about how you wrote your last album in less than 48 hours, including two verses you just strung together in the booth... but actually, we as listeners could already tell. And if you've actually reached that point where you're doing something creative and compelling, please do not form a super group with a handful of your local MC buddies. I know they're really nice guys, but we need you to be strong now. Challenge yourself, raise the bar.

Like Krs said, "step off with that weak shit. You're psychologically, historically and spiritually sick!"


SUPREME said...

So on point !! well done Werner von.

Cutthroat said...

WOW. Great post! I wish we could direct all the mediocre MC's over here for a quick read...hahaha..
Preme great idea for the guest blogging! well written Werner, keep it up!!


Ha ha !! Stand back, DJ CUTT is in the building .. new CONSTANT DEVIANTS LP coming 2011 ..