Saturday, January 5, 2013


The Concrete Foundation record label was formed in 1995 by DJ Concrete. After a host of classic Mixtapes that had much success from 1986 to the present DJ Concrete has always repped his neighborhoods of Irvington, Yale Heights, Kossuth, Morley, Palermo, BMORE N Hilton, and Edmondson Village. Concrete always had the following and backing of his city.
In 1994 DJ Concrete was ready to open up another realm to his musical journey , stay true and dedicated to hip hop by producing tracks .In putting together a collection of songs that would later become legendary .Concrete was really ready to get things in motion. Concrete reached out to a childhood friend and MC by the name of K Mack. Concrete was also in search of one more artist which became Silouette.The two solo artists would keep it true to DJ Concrete and the trio cranked out some real Baltimore Rap Classics.Those classics consist of the 12" singles by Silouette 'Can You Feel It','Worried' (No Question),'The Fast Lane', 'Bring'n It Back', 'Rated R', 'The Storm' and a host of many others that were on her debut solo album titled 'Chocolate Malibu' .K Mack had hits like 'In Baltimore','Do Or Die','Speak The Clout','Spot Frontin MC's' and many more and 'The Blue Tape' !!

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